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Since the ShaveTech is the same size as the average smart phone, it can fit perfectly in your pocket, gym bag, or carry-on luggage!
ShaveTech can be charged using any standard USB port, meaning you can charge it anywhere in the world without any adaptors or wall outlets!
The outer foil hood removes easily so that you can clean and maintain the performance of the blades with ease!
The ShaveTech is not produced using any dangerous substances that are typically used in electronics, making it 100% safe for use!
Its sleek, fashion-forward design sets the standard for all other electric razors on the market!


  • The sleek packaging makes the ShaveTech great for any type of gift giving!
  • ShaveTech electric razors are charged using any worldwide standard USB port, meaning you can charge them anywhere!
  • With its sharp blades and fast vibrations, ShaveTech guarantees a close shave each time!